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June 02 2017


K2 Endows Its New Marksman with a Turn-Enhancing Asymmetrical Profile

Learning how to carve a turn stands as a great moment in the sporting life of every skier. Beginners can certainly feel proud of becoming confident with their snowplow-style maneuvers on gentle slopes, but carving stands as the first true step toward skiing freedom. A properly carved turn sees the outer ski describing an arc through the snow as if it stood on a rail, putting the skier truly and fully in control for the first time. While skis aimed at beginners will sometimes be so flexible as to make it more difficult to carve, most others are designed to support this important technique in various ways.

Allen Baler

With its introduction of the K2 Marksman for sale, one of the industry's most esteemed names has added a new approach to that list. Given that most K2 skis today already feature the deeply sculpted profile that has become the norm over the course of the last quarter century, the Marksman stands out in a truly noticeable way. Instead of the symmetrical lines that characterize more or less every other ski on the market, the K2 Marksman maintains deeply sculpted inside edges but much less pronounced outer ones.

The most obvious implication of that fact is that the Marksman is meant, unlike the vast majority of other skis, to be worn with a certain member of the pair on each foot. While skis of other kinds will sometimes be tuned so as to present a distinct inside and outside edge for each one, small adjustments like those pale in comparison to the approach embodied by the Marksman.

Once having stepped into the skis correctly, Marksman owners will find that the asymmetrical profile is not a mere visual oddity. With the usual level of shaped-ski side-cut lying under the inside edge of each foot, skiers can confidently set up and carry out carved turns the same as before. With the outer edges of each ski having much less of a pronounced profile, on the other hand, stability when running straight out is greatly improved, as the skis are far less likely to wander, wobble uncontrollably, or cross.

That relatively simple and sensible seeming adjustment has already helped make the Marksman one of the most talked about and sought after skis of recent years. With so many skiers now enjoying their own pairs of the ski, those hoping to find a used K2 Marksman will probably have some excellent options before them in the near future as well. 

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